Coaching Services

One-on-one leadership coaching

Preston Leadership’s mission is to improve productivity and ultimately profitability for our clients through skill-building designed specifically for mid-level leaders.  It is at this level, between front-line employees and senior leadership, where we know strategy meets execution.

Classroom training is static, and quite often generic. Coaching is fundamentally better because it occurs over time, allowing for practice, feedback, reflection, planning and most importantly, collaboration on goals and success measures.

Our custom or packaged programs are right-sized for start-ups and existing businesses.

HR Consulting

Outsourced Human Resources

Human Resources is an important aspect of any small, medium and large-sized business. Legal and political changes can often be confusing and difficult to understand fully.

We offer consulting on every aspect of HR for your company. Our experts answer any questions and are available whenever you need it. We can even provide direct support to management or employees to allay concerns and provide answers in confidence.

HR Consulting means that you don't have to have unnecessary overhead as you grow your business. We scale as you need to provide all the services you need.

Some of Our Clients

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